Sunday, March 18, 2012

Hello everyone!!! (non-existent, because no one knows of my blog, YET)

Anyway, the picture above was sent to me in a Whatsapp conversation. THANKS JON, unglam max. And I've no idea what I was doing (YEAH RIGHT). It was taken during I<3 Zoo, an event jointly organised by UBSC (UB Student Council) and Lakeside YEC. We brought "needy? less than fortunate?" families to the Zoo! It was fun because I made new friends :D

And while spring cleaning #SPRINGITON at home, I stumbled upon THIS!!

It's from CJC's newsletter or something. Think it's called THE FLAME? I believe I wrote that article because the writing style is SO ME. Writing about class conflicts and all. HAHAHA Our class was NEVER united! Maybe united in slacking and bitching about each other. Somewhat fun times, but could be improved.


Anyway, highlight of the day: I ATE AT AL-AZHAR, TAMPINES!!

I'm sure most of you *imaginary readers* have heard of the popular Al-Azhar at Bukit Timah and their very famous NAAAAAAAN! Well, the one at Tampines have exactly the same menu and is located at Tampines Street 21 and near Blk 209 (if I'm not wrong). Right beside the basketball court!

TADAH, the sign board plus a cranky looking Indian man!

And the drinks are are somewhat coded. PMS anyone? Yes, Peach milkshake, you peach.

And our food!

Local dishes.

It's all here! So just come down with your family members because the food is awesome. Especially the butter naan, sinful but everyone should try it. Feeza suggested the cheese one but it's.. $4. Mother expensive but.. I shall try it one day! SOON, I SAY!

And okay lah, I left out the YUMMIEST dish. Which is...



Anyway, I met the bitchiest nyonya ever just now. I was at her handphone shop and asked regarding the screen protector, the colour kind that I've always wanted.

Me: Hi auntie, how much is it?
Auntie: $18.
Me: Oh cheaper can?
Auntie: How much?
Me: $15?
Auntie: You go buy and do yourself.
Me: -.-

It seems like a normal conversation but her tone and non-verbal gestures suggest that SHE DON'T GIVE A SHIT YO! Whatever auntie, you just lost $18!! If only she was a bit nicer. But then I walked a bit more and another shop offered $15. Hahah but I didn't get cos there were words behind the protector ):

Took a random picture on the way home. I love pictures of clouds and lights :D

So so pretty.
Lights will guide you home (Coldplay). And it's true..

Before I end, I will give you not only one of me. But... 8! Cos.. 8 days every weeeek.. *OK LAME*
One Qazim for each day :D

Good night imaginary readers (ME) and have a great week ahead! :D

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